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From Baby Blues to Baby Bliss!

“Giving birth can be one of the most amazing events of a woman’s life. Unfortunately, in our modern day, there are many influences that can make the period after this beautiful time seem dark, dull and depressing.  Dr Lins has carefully outlined the cause and the cure of troublesome postpartum times. Baby Blues can help keep the joy going from the birth experience onward!”

Dr. Holly Lucille, ND and TV host

Aloha and welcome to my website,

I wrote this book with the hope of reaching women who might otherwise suffer alone and in silence, isolated and thinking she “should” be happy, yet somehow unable to feel happy.

Birth control pills and anti-depressant medications are chemical band aids which mask the symptoms of postpartum imbalances.

Find true healing postpartum with naturopathic medicine.

Baby Bliss is possible!